Sala Reach is a program of Localogy, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization in Questa.

Our mission: to cultivate a diverse community of students, moving arts teachers, performers, and audiences from rural northern NM. We make therapeutic dance, yoga, martial arts and opportunities for creative expression and experience accessible for all ages and abilities promoting health and connection.

Sala Reach holds weekly, free community classes and hosts monthly events to support whole health. We collaborate with local organizations like Questa Creative Council, LEAP, Twirl, Questa Stories, and Vida del Norte Coalition’s summer Vida Camp, to host events and bring more offerings into our community space. Donate to support our teachers and programs.

Sala Reach sponsors classes and events that are freely available to our community.

For adults
  • Financial support always available through our sponsorships – these apply to any studio class/event
  • Recovery support
  • Coping with Post Traumatic Stress
  • Coping with addiction in the family system
  • Veterans and family members
  • Law enforcement officers and first responders

Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong and many practices in our movement classes are technologies that support the nervous system. These practices sustain our health and resilience, particularly in bodies affected by trauma and stress.

Individuals may attend as many weekly classes as they choose, no payment required and no questions asked. Our teachers are always covered. Choose from our current classes.

For youth
  • Free Kids’ Ballet, ages 3-10, Tuesdays at 4:30 pm
  • Free Kids’ Theater Play ages 2-6, in Partnership with Twirl, Fridays 9:30 am
  • All our regular classes are free for junior and senior high school students, including: Kickboxing, Tai Chi and Yoga
Current weekly classes from Sala Reach

Community Yoga Mondays, 5:00 pm
Kids’ Ballet Tuesdays, 4:30 pm
Kids’ Theater Play with Twirl, Fridays 9:30 am
Community Tai Chi Saturdays, 10:30 am
* Check our current class and events schedules, updated monthly

Current monthly outreach

Monthly classes at the Questa Health Center: our teachers offer mindful movement and meditation to clients in the Health Center’s behavioral health program.

Community Events

We organize monthly music events and special performances, like kid’s ballet holiday shows and our dance summer camp. We host visiting performers like Cristina Masoliver, a Taos puppeteer, and collaborate with community musicians like Michael Rael to showcase young musicians.

Donations and Grants

Sala Reach offers free classes, and and donation based workshops and events to support health and resilience in bodies, particularly those affected by trauma and stress; youth, veterans, first responders, law enforcement, people in recovery or coping with addiction in their family system. Our program is supported by individual donations and volunteers, and by foundations and community organizations.

We are grateful that our 2021 and 2022 programs have received support from The LANL Foundation. We resonate with their vision: that all New Mexicans have the skills and confidence they need to be self-sufficient, lifelong learners who are engaged with their community.

We are also a recipient of grants through the Taos Community FoundationImpact Grant, June 2022 and Chevron Grants for Good, May 2023.

Grants from these foundations help support our teachers, many who travel to Questa to teach in our community. Funding like this sustains their efforts and our expanding programs.

Make a tax-deductible donation to support Sala Reach.

Dear Community Member

We hope for your input, requests and ideas so our programs can meet your needs, health goals, and supports your personal resilience. We believe moving arts and creative expression are deeply powerful tools for individual and community growth.

We believe in building health through moving arts and strive to make vital resources more available, especially to youth. A right to health is fundamental and healthy individuals are the foundation of a thriving community.

All of our movement classes promote nervous system regulation and can help support individuals’ health and resiliency, particularly in bodies affected by trauma and stress.

Sala Reach sponsors individuals, removing any financial barrier, so they may attend as many weekly classes at the studio as they choose. Sala Reach strives to ease any barriers by welcoming individuals who may feel uncomfortable or unwelcome for reasons of age, ability, experience (trauma) or background.

We grow by acknowledging and respecting our histories, considering how we are bound together, and how we might live best in a changing world. Celebrating community through events, music, and story-telling reinforce communal bonds and a vital sense of belonging. 

Please send us your requests, ideas, and input.

Thank you

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Do your work with the welfare of others always in mind ~ Bhagavad Gita