Gaea McGahee teaches several weekly yoga classes. She completed a 200-hour teacher training at Aura Fitness in Taos in May 2016 and completed the Yoga of 12 Steps Recovery (Y12SR) Leadership Training in the fall of 2017. She likes this way of thinking about yoga, offered by Barron Baptiste, as the unending process of refinement.

Gaea began practicing yoga in southern New Mexico when she found her first yoga class at New Mexico State University (1995). Though born and raised in the southern part of the state, she migrated to northern NM in 2011 to live near the mountain streams and high alpine meadows where  she’d camped and hiked in her youth. She has a deep love for this place and the community.

She is a small business owner (Yoga Sala) and Director of Sala Reach, the nonprofit program.

Rae Lewis teaches Free Community Yoga on Mondays. Rae has eight years of experience in her personal yoga practice and is currently studying to become a YTA certified teacher. She shares the healing properties of mindful movement with all by offering this free weekly class to get to know the community and to aid her development as a yoga instructor.

Rae is a multimedia artist working across Taos County in northern New Mexico. Learn more here, Ruby Sofrea.

Tuesday Faust teaches Kids Ballet and comes to us from Taos Academy of Performing Arts. 

Tuesday Faust, Photo: Zoe Zimmerman Photography

Tuesday offers Friday Kids Ballet and a summer Dance Camp (July). In each class Ms. Tuesday choreographs ballet, stories, props, and music, creating an engaging program suited for students ages 3 to 10 years.

Jiwanshakti began her journey of Yoga in 1986 and it has been a guiding path throughout her life. She teaches because she knows how much Yoga is a part of health in her own life, and wants to support others to develop a practice that brings good health into their lives as well.  She is a certified teacher of both Vinyasa Hatha Yoga with the White Lotus Foundation,  and Kundalini Yoga through KRI, the Kundalini Reseach Institute. Having a passion for women, children, and healing, she also has certificates in Pre and Post Natal Yoga, as well as Bound Lotus. She has been teaching Yoga since 1997. She also dedicated 13 years to studying and practicing Sat Nam Rasayan, the art of Meditative Healing with her teacher Guru Dev Singh until he passed on in 2021. She has been chanting and playing the gong for many years. It is her joy to share breath, movement, meditation, chanting and the power of sound healing with you.

Jiwanshakti ( pronounced G-von-shock T ) is her spiritual name. Jiwan meaning soul: Shakti meaning the feminine power of the cosmos. Together meaning the soul that channels the feminine power of the cosmos, and as she does, heals and nurtures others. A spiritual name reminds one of their spirit path. 

Visiting Teacher:
Briana Georjae began studying Yoga and Ayurveda 12 years ago, through an invitation to heal. The 8 limbs of yoga gave and still give her a framework to remember her own knowing and to explore the Great Mystery. Her deepest reverence for this ancient philosophy is, how it has held her during her greatest moments of both descent and expansion. Today she guides this now living knowledge within her to support others in their remembrance of wholeness, safety, and magic.