Kickboxing & Tai Chi

Monday and Wednesday nights
7:00 p.m.

Tai Chi
Saturday mornings
10:00 a.m.
no class Nov 26

Martial Arts Teacher: Reto Messmer
Registration is not required for these classes. These classes are held in person in the studio only. Please arrive a few minutes before the class start time.

Tai Chi is free through our nonprofit, Sala Reach
Donations welcomed, any amount: $1, $5, $10.
We appreciate your support and your donations help make this class possible. This class is best ages 13 years and older.

Payment: sliding scale $5-$15
This class meets twice a week, recommended for ages 13 years and older, but younger students are welcome to try it out.

These classes (and all of our classes) are offered freely particularly for:

  • Recovery Support – we sponsor individuals who wish to attend classes. All people in recovery, coping with post traumatic stress or coping with addiction in their family system are invited to join, no questions
  • Veterans and family members
  • Law enforcement officers and first responders
  • Teens

Donations are appreciated. Along with small grants, they help make these classes possible.

Reto Messmer brief martial arts bio
  • Training in Judo and Boxing in the seventies
  • starting in 1981 training in Kung Fu under Master Chow Kok Yeng from Chin Woo school Ipoh, Malaysia
  • 1987 Training at Wushu Teachers University in Jinan, Shandong province, China
  • Member of Swiss National Wushu Team
  • Participating at many martial arts and kickboxing tournaments in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria
  • Best rankings 6th at European kickboxing championship, 2nd at Swiss open Tae kwon do championships 1988
  • Training in Choy Lee Fat kung fu, Win Chun Kung Fu and Muay Thai 
  • Teaching at South Side Spa, Taos Spa and Tennis club, UNM, his own studio in Arroyo Seco and Arroyo Seco community center since 1994
  • Teaching two years at Defendu Studio, Taos, and for five years at NOLA Bjj in New Orleans
  • Teaching Tai chi in Taos since 1996, having been taught by Master Chow Kok Yeng
Reto and sword form