little book binding workshop

little book binding workshop with Rae Lewis
Monday Jan 4 – 4:30 to 6:00 pm MST
Register here
1.5-hour Workshop, $5

For 2021, instead of turning over a new page, let’s start with a whole new book. Together, we can each make a little book full of blank pages to fill in the new year. Whether it is for sketching, writing, collaging, or printing on, you’ll complete this workshop with a fresh little bound book that will be a blank canvas to continue spilling your creativity into.

Each book made will be composed of the same basic materials, but will be unique to the maker. The steps of the binding process are the same whether the paper or sizing is different, this allows for everyone to make what suits them best.

All you’ll need for this workshop is:

  1. a small stack of paper that you like the feel of. Any size will do, but better if it’s consistent, and think of what size you’d like your book to be (whatever size you’d like your book will need to be less than or equal to the size of your paper folded in half),
  2. household knife or an awl,
  3. some dental floss (waxy works best),
  4. a sewing needle for binding (bigger needles are nice for this),
  5. and anything you’d like to use for a cover (cardboard, thick fabric scraps, leather, laminated pressed flowers, there are endless options for this part…I’ve even used dried kombucha scoby or felted my cat’s shedded hair for book covers;)
  6. glue for the cover (optional…if you don’t have any glue, there are other ways to secure the cover with more sewing)
  7. positivity for the New Year to come

Zoom in to enjoy the process of bookbinding and learn to make your very own little book.

Rae Lewis leads this workshop. Rae is an artist and yogi who seeks to live in poetry without separation between life and art. You can read more about Rae’s artwork at her website, or find her on instagram @rubeesofrae.

Online workshops are hosted on Zoom. You don’t need to a Zoom account to attend. Simply register at the workshop link. To pay by cash or check – preferred if possible, contact us: or 575-224-2102. Or pay with a card through PayPal.