December 19 Mask Making

Twirl’s Mask Making Event with Amber Vasquez Thomas
Saturday Dec 19 – 11:00 am
Register here
1 hour Workshop, free

Hosted by Sala Reach, this family mask making event is part of Twirl’s Mask Gathering Event.

Enjoy an interactive puppet story while making your mask.

From Twirl:

Masks are our reality right now. Twirl and partners are taking that reality and exploring deeper into the rich creativity, history, culture and emotional significance of mask-making and wearing.

By taking a more expansive view of “the mask”, we hope to add depth and positivity to a topic that is pervasive and at times divisive in our lives today. This project will provide a playful, creative, fun exploration of masks, past and present. It will offer tools for checking in on our feelings and an outlet for expressing them.

Craft material bags will be available at La Sala a week before; stop by and pick up these supplies. Any questions? Contact us: 575-224-2102 or Classes are hosted on Zoom, but you don’t need to have a Zoom account to attend.