December 17 Printmaking

Relief Printing at Home with Sarah Parker
Thursday Dec 17 – 4:00 to 5:30/6:00 pm
Register here
About 1.5-hour Workshop, $5

This workshop provides DIY Relief Printmaking at home with whatever you have available. You might create an image to frame or holiday cards to give to your loved ones. In this online workshop you’ll be able to ask questions, meet folks, share ideas and make artwork together.

Repurposed and recycled objects, and everyday materials can be used to create your prints. The following are items you may find around your home: 
– paper to practice print on
– nice paper or card stock to print on
– water colors even a kids pack from the dollar store
– acrylic paint or ink
– markers, water color pencils
– foam for carving: an example – the foam boat from meat bought at the grocery store, a styrofoam plate
– fruit and veggies for carving: potatoes, apples
– waxed milk cartons
– plastic netting – used in onion and lemon bags
– toothpicks, glue, cardboard, scissors, straight edge
– knife, carving tools, pencil
– plastic wrap or tin foil
– brayer tool: a small roller used to move ink or paint over a form
– paint brushes

Set yourself up with a flat surface to work on and cleanable surface to roll ink onto or to hold your ink (examples of a cleanable surface for ink/paint rolling: plexiglass, a mirror, a plate, a plastic cutting board). Have on hand: water for cleaning and anything you can use to make marks.

Sarah Parker’s prints

Contact Sarah with any questions:

Sarah is a teacher in the area and enjoys making art always. Check out her work at and on Instagram @sparker1769. You can find Sarah and her artwork in Ennui Gallery in Taos.

Online workshops are hosted on Zoom. You don’t need to a Zoom account to attend. Simply register at the workshop link. To pay by cash or check, contact us: or 575-224-2102. Or pay with a card through PayPal.