Tapping EFT Course, Mar 19

Tapping: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Course
Sunday March 19
5:00-8:00 pm
Facilitator: Jiwanshakti
Investment: $44 for March 19, $54 with follow up evening
Sponsorship available
RSVP by March 10

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is referred to as acupuncture for the psyche. EFT uses meridian points to connect to the mental and emotional layers of our being.

EFT takes us deeply into the emotions and thoughts that surround our pains and hardships. With effort and focus, it can release these psychological patterns from our energy system, restoring the natural flow of energy. EFT is particularly effective with fears, phobias, allergies, anxiety, and traumas. “EFT will also free the physical body. It is all connected!” Jiwanshakti explains, “This is one of those tools I really appreciate, one that’s empowering and easily learned. 20 years ago I was taught EFT after a knee surgery.”

Trained in the original method of Gary Craig, Jiwanshakti will teach the full sequence, including the history of this Science for reference. This course comes with a booklet so that the information is accessible after instruction for study and practice and includes a diagram of the tapping points.

There will be a follow up evening to ask further questions and to assist in the intuitive aspect of going deeper with the skill of this tool, $20 value.

RSVP by March 10 so that booklets can be produced (contact).

Tea and healthy snack table provided. Bring a journal and pen. Bring a friend! 

Investment: $44 for March 19th, or $54 with follow up evening. Ask about sponsorship.