Drumming Workshop, May 21

intro to djembe and dunun
Teacher: Vanessa Morgan
Sunday May 21
1 – 3 pm
Sliding Scale $15-$25 suggested, sponsorship available

This 2 hour workshop is open to anyone interested in learning to play the djembe. This instrument originated in the West African countries of Guinea, Mali, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Senegal. In this workshop Vanessa will cover basic hand drum technique and give everyone an opportunity to explore rhythm patterns on the djembe and dununs. No prior drum experience is needed.

Vanessa Morgan began playing the djembe and dununs in 1995. A student of Mamady
(one of the worlds most accomplished drummers) since 2004, she has attended
several camps and classes with him since that time. She has also studied with Famoudou Konaté, respected as one of the world’s premiere djembe drummers.

Vanessa says, “As we drum, we discover the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. Multiple rhythms bathe us in a sea of sound. It is so fulfilling and joyful to play with others and experience the moment when all the parts suddenly unify and the rhythm is playing us. We drop into a deep river together that flows endlessly. We share the transcendent joy of this trans-rational celebration of living.”

Vanessa is inspired by traditional music from Mali in particular. She will share her understanding and drumming practice, as well as her love of these traditions.

More about Vanessa Morgan here.