Blue Winds Concert March 4

Healing Sound Journey
this event is in person only
Saturday March 4, 4-6 pm
$15 – $30 suggested donation

Two hour sound healing journey; rest in meditation supported by live music and comfortable props. Sebastien Marconato and Caitlin Alexander create music using multiple instruments and their voices. Enjoy and rest during this music event: essentially, a two-hour savasana. You are welcome to bring your own blanket and any props you have, and we will have some for you too.

RSVP is helpful, contact us. Note, this performance will may be broadcast. Contact us for details.

Suggested donation for this event is $15 – $30. Our nonprofit will provide sponsorship making sure there are no financial barriers to your health. Our nonprofit will make up any shortages in the donation jar and musicians will be paid. 

Concert Saturday March 4, 2023