Qigong Online

Qigong with Martha, online only
Fridays 8:30 am MST zone
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Introduction to Qigong from the Jin Jing Gong lineage: this class is one hour and is appropriate for all levels and forms of beings. A gentle practice to move the qi throughout the body with movement and breath. Aligned with the Chinese medicine theory that which flows is healthy; that which stagnates causes disease.

Martha Morgan has been practicing in this lineage since 2007. She is teaching from Portland, Oregon via zoom. You do not need a zoom account, but you do need to register to attend this class via zoom.

This class is offered for free. If you would like to donate and support our nonprofit, Sala Reach, go here. Sala Reach offers free classes and events including; kids ballet, and moving arts classes like tai chi, yoga, qigong and music events.

Donations are tax exempt. Sala Reach is a program of the nonprofit 501(c)3 Localogy serving as a community foundation for our rural area.